Our Expertise

Our Expertise

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Constellation is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective solutions and services to our customers. Our diverse experience in the public sector space and our focus on providing solutions to the Federal, State and Local agencies makes us an ideal partner for any public sector enterprise. We understand the issues faced by these agencies and bring proven solutions and best practices to help the public sector clients.

Our Team

Sumeet Luthra | President and CEO

Mr. Luthra has over 20 years of extensive professional experience supporting mission critical programs and providing program management assistance to the senior executives of the U.S. federal government. Mr. Luthra is an entrepreneur and an expert in the area of information systems design and development, portfolio control, financial management and enterprise architecture. His expertise lies in the strategic design, management and execution of large mission systems, financial and performance metrics, and goal based enterprise reengineering. Mr. Luthra graduated from the National Institute of Technology with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering; from University of Maryland with a Masters in Computer Science; and from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, with a Masters in Business Administration.

Jeff Rosenblatt | Vice President

Mr. Rosenblatt has over 35 years of experience as a seasoned executive supporting business and mission critical government programs and initiatives and leading advanced technology solutions for private industry. He has also served in the Federal Senior Executive Service as the Director of Business Partnership Service for the FAA where he was responsible for cultivating executive business relations for the CIO across the FAA, and fostering collaborative technology solutions to meet mission priorities. As Vice President at Constellation, Mr. Rosenblatt is responsible for leading market growth, client engagement, and high-quality delivery. He provides strategic and programmatic leadership for all business activities by developing strong collaborative customer relationships and building program management teams aligned to business and mission priorities. Mr. Rosenblatt received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and his Masters in Engineering Management from the George Washington University.

Steven Pugmire | Senior Manager

Mr. Pugmire has over 33 years of experience as a seasoned executive both within the Government as well as on contract supporting the Government’s business and mission critical programs and initiatives. As a Senior Executive Law Enforcement Agent with both the Departments of Treasury and Justice, and then a Senior Manager on contract to the government, Mr. Pugmire acquired extensive experience applying leadership and problem-solving skills to program management and project development, spanning the strategic planning spectrum from opportunity identification through process and technology implementations. He also brings expertise in investigations, tactics, intelligence, and contracting, to include Federal systems integration, operations strategy, IT investment lifecycle management, and business process reengineering. Mr. Pugmire holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree in Economic and Strategic Studies from the Marine Corps University.

Daniel Allen | Vice President

Mr. Allen has over 15 years of experience managing both commercial and public sector program management offices. His background is centered around supporting government program offices through strategic planning and the development of technological solutions and operational processes that align with organizational goals. He is experienced in building teams to stand up new program offices for nationwide government programs. He has overseen operations that have matured program offices and successfully managed relationships in public private partnerships. Mr. Allen is an expert in working with customers to identify key program metrics and developing reports that drive both policy and operational decision making. Mr. Allen excels at finding efficient solutions for new and existing business processes to free up resources to expand programs.